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About Fibra Uno

FUNO is founded in 2011 and becomes the first investment trust in Real Estate (Fiber) in Mexico. Started with  initial portfolio of 13 properties.
FUNO’s business philosophy is based on an extensive and deep knowledge, as well as a decision process focused 100% on Real estate. we carries out its initial public offering under a complex global economic scenario, becoming the first real estate company to be listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Doing business with our clients in a fair and honest manner has been the premise and success of the business. At FUNO we compete vigorously in compliance with all laws and regulations.


  • The creation of sustainable value in our properties through the leasing, operation, acquisition and development of real estate in key locations with high economic dynamism and growth prospects in Mexico. 
  • Always seeking to synchronize our business model with the growth strategy of our tenants, mainly in the industrial, commercial and office segments.


  • In a world that is moving faster and faster, our company will look for ways to adapt to it, becoming the most important real estate development company in national territory, so day by day we will commit ourselves to achieve it.
  • We are also looking for innovations in technology that will further mechanize our properties and create greater efficiency in our projects. We see in our company great achievements and successes to come. 


  • Be the first option to satisfy the real estate needs of our tenants.
  • A geographic and business segment diversification in markets that offer high growth potential.
  • Maintain ourselves as the leading landlord, operator and developer in Mexico.
  • Contribute positively to the development of Mexico, and transform the communities where we participate.
  • Maintain a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Three pillars of Success

Three basic pillars emerge that sustain our business focused on creating sustainable value over time.

The diversification of the portfolio in segments, clients and geographies.

Maintain a solid financial structure, with moderate levels of leverage.

Offer our customers the best product (location, location, location);
at a competitive price that leads us to be the first to rent and the last to vacate through the real estate business cycle.









Recent Work.

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Our Clients

We have worked for various companies. Find our regular and famous clients.

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